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VFW Membership Application

To join, please print this page and mail it to:
 Buffalo Grove Post 7879
 P.O. Box 5516
 Buffalo Grove, IL. 60089-5516




   Check one:                      Check one:

___Army               ___WWII                   ___Expeditionary
___Navy               ___Korea                  ___Occupation

                        (7/1/49 to present)     ___CIB/CMB

___Air Force
___Marines            ___Vietnam                ___Combat Action 

___Coast Guard        ___Desert Storm           ___Other

    Service #______________________________

    Overseas service from_________________to________________ 
    Name of Campaign Ribbon or Medal__________________________________
    (Note:  Ribbon or Medal not required for service in Korea)
    Date of Birth:_____________SS#____________________________________
   ___Annual - $20 or ___Life Membership $_____________

Method of payment:

   ______Check or money order, enclosed (payable to Veterans of Foreign Wars.)

I certify that I am a citizen of the United States, that my U.S. Military
Service was honorable, that I have never subsequently been discharged under
other than honorable conditions, and that I believe in God.  I also certify
that (1)I am entitled to a campaign ribbon or medal authorized by the U.S.
Government based on my overseas service or; (2)I have served overseas in 
Korea.  I further give authority to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the
United States to verify my entitlement to membership.

Date signed      Signature of Applicant                    Telephone No.
In the presence of Almighty God, I do, of my own free will and accord,
solemnly promise and declare that:

I will bear true allegiance -- to the Constitution of the United States of
America -- and I will always be loyal thereto.

I do further solemnly promise and declare -- that I will comply with the
    Congressional Charter, By-Laws and Ritual of this order -- and I will
always be loyal thereto -- that I will never wrong or defraud this
organization -- nor a member thereof -- nor permit any wrong to be done
to either -- if in my power to prevent it.
    I will never propose for membership -- any person not eligible --
according to our Congressional Charter -- nor one whom I know to be
    I will never make known to anyone -- not authorized to receive it --
any of the work of this order.
    Should my affiliation -- with the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the
United States -- cease in any way -- I will consider this pledge
-- as binding outside of the order -- as though I had remained
a member of same.
    All this I promise and pledge -- upon the honor of a true comrade --
and a citizen of our great republic.



Through 30           $245.00
  31 - 40             $235.00
  41 - 50             $215.00
  51 - 60             $195.00
  61 - 70             $165.00
  71 - 80             $125.00
81 and over           $ 85.00

    The applicable fee from the life membership fee schedule set forth herein will be determined using the applicant's attained age as of December 31st of the current calendar year in which the application is submitted regardless of actual date of birth.
The annual dues of each member includes a year's subscription to The VFW Magazine, official publication of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. Each applicant, upon acceptance, will be so notified and furnished with an official dues receipt showing membership for the year for which dues or Life Membership fees have been paid.