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William Glover Nomad Page

William C. Glover was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, May 4th,1926.
His boyhood days were spent living with his parents in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. He attended "James Smart Elem. School" and "Minor St. Elem. School".
At ten years old Bill Glover moved with his parents to Avon Park, Florida and Later to St.Petersburg, Florida.

Bill Glover attended "54th Ave Elem. School", Then "Lealman St.Jr. High School", and Later, "Mirror Lake Jr. High School" Through the 9th Grade.
At 16 years old Bill Glover quit school and went to work for the "St.Petersburg Times" newspaper as a printer.

At 17 years old Bill Glover enlisted in the US Navy and entered the "Navy Radio School" in Jacksonville,Florida. Then went on to "Gunnery School" and then assigned to Bombing Eight Squadron and served in the South Pacific until 1946.

After World War 2, Bill Glover returned home to Ft. Wayne,Indiana. He attended Indiana University Ext. in Ft. Wayne and later took employment at the "US Rubber Co." where he met Charlotte Hughes and was married. Bill Glover and Charlotte divorced and a year later Bill Glover resigned from the US Naval reserve and entered the US Army, Where he later married "Lettie Julian Bauman Hill" and was blessed with a baby son, "William Clinton".Nov.1952

With Two Children, "Pamela Hill", Letties daughter, by a previous marriage, and young "William(Billy)Glover" Bill Glover left the US Army and moved to St.Petersburg,Florida, where he took employment on the St.Petersburg Police Dept. and later transferred to the Treasure Island Police Dept.

Pamela and Billy lived with thier parents at 6200 5th Ave north and Pamela attended the Pasadena Elem. School.

Bill Glover and Wife Lettie and the two children moved from "St.Petersburg" to "Treasure Island" and lived at 8600 Bayshore Drive with a beautiful Sandy beach. Billy learned to drive a speed boat at the age of 6 yrs.
Things went well and Bill and Lettie were blessed with a Baby boy, "Richard Ashton" in May 1958.

Bill Glover left the employment of the Treasure Island Police dept. and took employment with a large Corporation in St.Petersburg,Fla.
Things were not going well in (1960) with the Glover family and Bill Glover reentered the US Army and was assigned to the "Korean Military Advisory Group" in Korea.
After his return from Korea, Bill Glover was assigned to the "US Strike Command" in Florida durring the "Cuban Missile Crisis".

In 1963 Bill and Lettie were divorced, Bill Glover left the Army and moved back To Ft.Wayne,Indiana. Later Lettie and the children Billy and Rick moved back to Ft.Wayne,Indiana(Pamela was married and remained in Fla.).
Bill Glover Took employment in the Transportation Industry and Lettie took employment with the Harvester Co.
Even though Bill and Lettie remained close friends, they never remarried.
In 1973 Bill Glover married Susan and moved to Michigan with his new wife. Bill remained in the Transportation Industry until 1980. When he and Susan divorced Bill moved back to Florida to Retire. Bill Glover lived in the Florida Keys for a year and then moved to Miami Beach in 1981. In 1982 Bill Glover moved to Chiefland,Fla. In 1984 Bill Glover moved to St.Petersburg,Fla. In 1987 Bill Glover moved to Orlando,Fla and in 1990 Bill Glover moved to Gainesville Fla. and at age 72 still lives there(1999)

So much for the Nomad Life of Bill Glover

Today Pamela,age 53,is married and living in Tennessee. Bill age 46,is divorced and living in Kenosha,Wisconson, where his X-Wife and son live. Rick age age 40,is Married and living in Middleville,Michigan. My X-wife Lettie age 72,is living in Ft.Wayne,Indiana.