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The Belize Adventure Experts

Glover's Reef, Belize
was just designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO!

10 days, Friday - Sunday;

1998: December 11, December 18, December 25;
1999: January 1, January 8, January 15, January 22, January 29
February 5, February 12, February 19, February 26,
March 5, March 12, March 19, March 26,
April 2, April 9, April 16, April 23, April 30

6 days, Friday - Wednesday;

(the six-day trip takes place on the first half of the ten-day trip)

1998: December 11, December 18, December 25 
1999: January 1, January 15, January 22, 
February 5, February 12, February 19, 
March 5, March 12, March 19, March 26, April 2, April 9

Picture yourself on an island, lost in the Caribbean and forgotten by the world. No modern conveniences, no schedules, no problems. Our island is perched on a ring of coral, surrounded by the open sea but protected from the pounding surf. By day we paddle kayaks to access snorkeling and other islands. By night we feast on fresh seafood. A bed awaits in the comfort of a thatch roofed cabana, overlooking the surf, or in the privacy of a tent hidden beneath the palms.

It may sound like a dream but you can share this idyllic tropical island with us. Our base on privately-owned Long Caye sits atop the coral ring of Glover's Atoll, and offers a backdrop few other locations can match. The beauty of this remote area is difficult to describe.

Glover's is one of only four atolls in the Western Hemisphere, encompassing an 82-square mile lagoon containing over 700 patch reefs in clear, shallow water, while just off our shore the ocean floor drops 2600 feet in less than a mile. This interface between the open sea and the sheltered lagoon results in an astounding diversity and abundance of marine life. The reefs at Glover's Atoll have been recognized as the richest and least spoiled in our hemisphere, and Glover's status as a National Marine Reserve promises to protect its integrity and pristine nature. Belize is famous for containing the best coral reefs in the region, and Glover's is known as the best locale in Belize. Join us at the best-of-the best!

Long Caye is located 35 miles off the coast. Our facilities include 2-person cabanas and tents under thatch roofs, mattresses and linens, a fully-equipped kitchen, propane refrigerator, two-way radio, a rainwater collection system, wells for bathing, and composting toilets. Our spacious island and rustic facilities ensure that you will be comfortable without compromising the adventure of living on an undeveloped island. This is truly the most luxurious "camping" trip you will ever experience!

Ten-Day Itinerary: Our ten-day itinerary has become the premier sea kayak trip offered in Belize. Long Caye is the ideal location to accommodate all levels of boaters, allowing everyone to paddle as much or as little as desired, and our beach-front training area and 80-degree water serves as the ideal place to learn kayaking skills. Top of the line equipment, experienced guides, and our exceptional menu round out this perfect blend of a sea kayaking adventure and Caribbean relaxation. For an in-depth view of this trip, please request our video and information sheet on the order form.

Six-Day Itinerary: For those unable to join us for the full ten days, we offer a six-day itinerary on selected dates which joins the first half of the ten-day trip. This shorter option involves most of the activities in our longer itinerary, and may easily be combined with other overland adventures: simply request our Trip Extensions sheet on the order form at the end of this brochure for more information on our recommended choices.

Friday, Day 1: Arrive at Belize City International Airport; taxi to the Chateau Caribbean for a 5 p.m. meeting in the lobby/bar. Dinner there, then drive to Jungle Huts hotel in Dangriga (booked double occupancy when possible).

Saturday, Day 2: Transport by charter boat to Long Caye at Glover's Reef (2-3 hours). Breakfast in Dangriga, lunch on island. The rest of the day is spent moving into accommodations, exploring the island and snorkeling.

Sunday, Day 3: Kayak orientation, then paddle to patch reef to snorkel.

Monday, Day 4-Tuesday, Day 5: Open itinerary, depends on group wishes. Activities include: paddling to other islands in the atoll (3-6 miles away), paddling to patch reefs and along the main reef to snorkel from the kayaks, instruction covering more advanced kayak techniques such as rolling and rescues, joining the local guides on their daily trips to fish for dinner, kayak surfing, windsurfing, moonlight paddling, barrier reef hikes at low tide in search of marine life, reading from our library, hammock lounging, volleyball, beach games, or scuba diving at the nearby scuba center.

Wednesday, Day 6:Turn-around day for dates that have the 6-day offered concurrently: 6-day guests depart after lunch, arriving in Belize City by 5:00 p.m. (hotel this night not included for six-day guests). Adventure Week guests arrive on boat that takes 6-day guests to mainland. Ten-day guests remain on island and continue with open itinerary.

Thursday, Day 7-Friday, Day 8:Continue with open itinerary. A typical morning finds us paddling to one of the over 700 patch reefs in the atoll to snorkel from the kayaks. After lunch we may visit Middle Caye, home base for the National Marine Reserve.

Saturday, Day 9: Island activities, departing by noon for Dangriga where we meet our transport to Belize City, arriving by 5:00 p.m. Farewell dinner party and overnight at the Chateau Caribbean.

Sunday, Day 10:Breakfast with your guide, then transfer to Belize International Airport in time for return flight to United States.

Sea Kayaking: The 80 degree waters of the Caribbean create an unbeatable setting to enjoy the thrills of sea kayaking; no experience is required to join our trips. Our guides provide instruction covering a full range of techniques, including paddling strokes, rolling, and rescues. We paddle every day to nearby islands, into the lagoon, or along the barrier reef in search of new diving locations. Skimming over the neon blue water, our boats dodge patch reefs and startle spotted eagle rays, barracuda, and bonefish. Porpoise and sea turtles are often seen while paddling through the channels into the open sea, where we surf the swells or stop to snorkel directly from the boats. Everyone is assured as much or as little paddling as they desire since we base out of a private island.

Snorkeling: Of all the highlights of your visit to Long Caye, exploring the underwater world of the surrounding coral gardens will be the most memorable. The pristine reefs of Belize are world-renowned, and those at Glover's Reserve are the best in the country. In addition to numerous patch reefs accessible by kayak, there is outstanding snorkeling on the barrier reef wall just off our shore. The abundance and variety of sea life is astounding, and the coral formations surrounding us would take a lifetime to explore.

Kayak Surfing: Our location on Long Caye is exposed to the prevailing winds that create perfect conditions for surf. The waves break on sand rather than coral, and provide a great ride for our surf kayaks (sit-on tops and "play boat" design river kayaks.)

Fishing:Our guests are always invited to join our local guides on their fishing expeditions to gather the day's harvest. Diving from your kayak, or trolling from the skiff, you witness hunting techniques the locals use to secure their livelihood. Serious fly fishermen should bring their gear for catch-and-release bone fish, jack and barracuda that live on the sand flats near our shore.

Windsurfing: We offer beginning and advanced windsurfing with three complete rigs available. The sand flats off the island are an ideal place to learn, and for experts our short board provides big action in the channel surf.

When The Sun Goes Down:We receive rave reviews about our fresh seafood entrees; our guests tell us our menu rivals any resort in Belize. Our Belizean cook, Celestina Nuņez, specializes in seafood feasts, including: Poached Grouper Fillets in Horseradish Sauce, Red Snapper Broiled in Garlic, Barbecued Lobster, Conch Stew, and Cajun Blackened Fish Steaks. Night-time activities vary from informative talks by our guides to hermit crab races on the beach. Our cold beer and rum punch keep the action lively during volleyball and cocobachi tournaments.

Scuba:A fully-equipped dive shop operates on the other end of Long Caye, offering certification courses and tank or equipment rentals. Resort courses are available for those wanting to try scuba for the first time. Please request the scuba price list.

Kids at Glover's Reef:Our Sea Kayak Glovers Reef trip is the only itinerary that we offer to kids under the age of fifteen. Because we are island based, it is perfect for families. Members of the group can paddle as much or as little as they please, and there is plenty to do right on the island. Please request our "Kids Policy" to learn about our special prices for children and our restrictions for each age group.

All transport and meals in itinerary

Flights USA to Belize

Hotels listed in itinerary (booked double occupancy if possible)

Taxis to and from Belize International Airport

Guides: 2-4 staff per trip

Belize entrance/departure tax: approx. $20.00

All kayaks, windsurfers, accessories

Any extra expenses due to late arrivals/ delays

Mattresses, linens and pillows

Any services not listed in itinerary

Slickrock T-shirt

Fees for scuba activities

Alcoholic beverages (available in Belize)

Glover's Reef Nat'l Park visitor fees ($5/day)

Hotel Day 6 for 6-day participants

Sea kayaks: Singles: Sea Lion by Aquaterra (plastic);
Doubles: Seascape II by NW Kayak (fiberglass)
Surf kayaks: Ocean Kayak's Scupper (sit-on-tops) and
Perception's Whiplash
Windsurfers: 11', 9.5', 8.5' boards, late model sails
Paddles: Werner by NW Design


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