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by:Bill Glover

This is an attempt to trace my Glover ancestry as far
back as possible, with the help of all of the Glover's

I have been told that my Glover ancestry originated in
Scotland and on to Glovers Gap,Virgina to Ohio and Indiana

Sheefel,my mothers side, originated in Germany and on
to Ohio and Indiana.

If there is anyone out there on the World Wide Web who is
a posible relative to this Glover clan, please drop a
letter in my Email box.


"Glover Family Tree"

Levi Glover and Wife Glover
From Glovers Gap Va. now W.Va.
dates unkn.

William R.Glover-1842-1906
Sarah Tilton Glover-1845-1925

William C.Glover 1873-1955
Nettie Overmeyer Glover 1876--!908

Hazel Glover Crane: 1905--1988

Glover Family Tree

"Glover Family Tree"

Christen Glover 1898--1969
Ina Kilpatrick 1888-1961

Glover Family Tree

Allen Glover and Elizabeth Morris Glover

Allen Glover 1920--1984

"Glover Family Tree"

George Richard Glover 1901-1949
Helen Sheefel Glover 1902-1996

Glover Family Tree

"Sheefel Family Tree"

Charles O.Sheefel 1881-1934
Nora Buerkle Sheefel 1883-1920

Sheefel Family Tree


"Schorling Family Tree"

John Schorling
Hazel Sheefel Schorling 1903-1967

Schorling Family Tree

United States

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