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Cootie Corner Newsletter
Alachua County Post No. 2811

1150 N.E. Waldo Rd. P.O.Box 703 Gainesville, Florida 32602
Telephone (352) 376-7660
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From Ed Elderbaum
Seam Squirrel
At our March meeting we held election and installation of new officers.
Your new officers are:

Seam Squirrel------Hank Korrecta
Blanket Bum--------James Feagle
Hide Gimlet---------Steve Tamsett
CCDB---------------Don MacLean


Our Scratch will be on April 21st at 7:PM.

Please plan to attend this monthly meeting and share your plans and ideas for making our order a successful one!!!.

Our past attendance has been disappointing and we need ALL our members to attend and become involved in 1999.

Steak Night

Our Steak Dinner is on April 3rd at 6:30 PM.
Join us for a great steak dinner and find out the results of the fishing tournament!!
Don't miss out on this opportunity!!

Come join us for good food and Fellowship!!


Cootie Breahfast will be on April 24th at 9:AM. Begin your day the right way by joining us for a delicious breakfast at the Post with your comrades.

Casino Night VA Hospital

Wednesday, April 14th

Plan to participate in our Casino Night at the
VA Hospital in April
I cannot impress on you enough how much your presence is needed to help help our confined Veterans enjoy an evening of fun.



Please take time to notice our P.O.W. table which we have moved to the stage in the hall where it can be seen and honored by all

I call on all our Cooties to honor the Order and get involved!!!!!

Ed Elderbaum
Seam Squirrel

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