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A Short Biography

Hello,my name is Bill.

Welcome to my Home Page.

I was born in Indiana.

My family moved to Florida in the summer of 1936.

I served four years in the Navy, two years and one month

in the Pacific,assigned to the "Bombing 8" Squadron during WW2.

After the war I served five years in the reserve.

then I was recalled to serve in the Army,assigned

to the "Korean Military Advisory Group",and

after my tour in Korea, I was assigned to the

"U.S.Strike Command" during the Cuban Missile Crisis

I left the Army and went to work in the

Transportation Industry until I retired

Currently I'm living in Florida.

Dreaming about what might have been

"Dad's Dream"


"My Family"

I have three sons, all grown up and scattered.

My oldest son, William jr. travels a lot and I have lost track of him.

My second son, Bill, lives in Wisconsin and works for

a major manufacturer of musical instuments. He has been

a musician all of his life and still, on occasion,

plays his drums at clubs in the area on the weekends.

"Bill's Hobby"

My youngest son, Rick,is an engr. working, for a commercial

const.Co, in Michigan.

He also breeds and raises Arabian horses as a hobby.

"Ricks Hobby"

"My Siblings"

I have three brothers: George, James,and Robert.

I also have six sisters: Mary, Martha, Iris, Nancy, Kathryn

and Flora Mae.

As for myself, I spend most of my senior days,

surfing the WEB and updating my homepage,

watching sports on tv, Solving crossword puzzles,

Reading and Emailing my friends around the world.

Not necessarily in that order

I also take naps and sleep,whenever I feel like it.


"Family History"

My family moved back to Indiana,the summer of 1943,

That is where thier roots you will see below.


Gr.Gr.Gr.Grandfather unkn.Glover,date-place unkn

Gr.Gr.Grandfather Levi Glover,date-place unkn.

Gr.Grandfather William R. Glover,1842-1906.Virgina

He served in the Indiana 18th infantry co. I,(Civil War)

from Aug.16,1861 to June 12,1865. He then settled

in Indiana.

Grandfather William C.Glover,1873-1955. was born and

raised in Blackford Co. Indiana

Father George R.Glover,1901-1949. was born and raised

in Payne,Ohio.


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