Arabian Horses
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Hi, this is Rick and Wendy

We are up and running in our new location. With much work yet to do. We do keep quite busy. We welcome all visitors to stop by and check out the stock and new foals in the spring. Call for directions and to let us know you are coming.

We have abundant stables and the horses are content in thier surroundings and are all bedded down and ready for next summers action of training and shows.

Stop by and watch or take part in the activities of
Breeding, Raising, and training our Arabian stock.

We always enjoy Visitors stoping by to spend the day working with our fine horses

The Ashton Stables are occupied by:

Standing at Stud
* * *Grand Champion Stallion* * *

"* MS Page 1 *"

Mares and Fillies:

"Gajala Etude", "Crown Victoria", "Ashton Serenade",

"Daalda", "Magnolia", "Ashton Sweet Harmony",

"National Elegance", "Ashton Sweet Melody",

  "Lady Ashton", and "Ashtons Rhapsody"


For information on Great Breeding Stock or
Trained show stock.
Telephone 616-765-3451

A sunny day in the Michigan countryside and the Mare

and foal are in a playful mood

Life on the ranch is beautiful and the air refreshing

Wish you were here

Race Horse
"Sir Kid"



Great Cigar

Rick Glover
& Wendy

United States

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