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George and Helen Glover were born and
raised in Payne,Ohio.. They eloped,in 1921,to
Hillsdale,Mi., and were married.
The Newlywed Glovers Lived in Ft.Wayne,Indiana at
1875 Webster St. where they gave birth to
"Mary Helen Glover" on Nov.28,1922.
In Feb.1923, They moved to Jackson St.
Ft.Wayne,Indiana.Then In April 1923,moved to 3434
So.Broadway in Ft.Wayne,Indiana.

The next move was to the Sheefel farm near Miller
City,Ohio in May,1924. Where they gave birth to
"Martha Hazel Glover" on Oct.7,1924.
Then later
in October,1925, the Glovers moved back to
Ft.Wayne,Indiana,on Masterson St.

Then in March,1926 the Glovers moved to the
Fairway Dairy, East of Ft.Wayne,In. Where they
gave birth to "William Charles Glover."on May 4,1926
Then in August 1926 the Glovers moved
to 319 Mechanic Street in Ft.Wayne,In.

Then in November,1927 the Glovers moved to Edsell
Ave. where they gave birth to "Iris Lavon Glover"
on Jan.17,1928. They hit the road again. May,1928,
The Glovers moved to Sheridan Ave. still in
Ft.Wayne,In. The Glovers then moved again on Dec.28,1928 to
1439 Pennsylvania Ave. where they took time out to
give birth to George Richard Glover,Jr.on May 21,1929.
Then on the move again,In Dec.1930 moved to
Illinois Road, west of Ft.Wayne,In.

Then the Glovers moved in May,1931 to 1818 E.Creighton
Ave.Ft.Wayne,In. where they gave birth to
"James Albert Glover" on Apr.23,1932

Pack your bags again, in May 1933 the Glovers moved
To Hale Ave,Ft.Wayne,In. where they settled down
and gave birth to "Kathryn Sylva Glover" on

Pack those bags again, in Jan. 1935 the Glovers
moved to Sand Point Road, south of Ft.Wayne,In.
where they gave birth again. this time to
"Nancy Janette Glover" on Nov.2,1935.
On the move again in 1936 the Glovers moved
to Miner Street, again in Fort Wayne,Indiana.

During all this moving around,The Glover Clan
managed to grow to Eight Siblings,consisting of
Three boys and Five Girls,

But,Alas, Nomads keep moving. In October 1936, the
Glovers,tired of the Indiana territory,
Packed up again, lock,stock and barrel and headed
for the Great state of Florida.
Our destination in Florida was a little farm near
Avon Park,Fl. But, things wern't to thier liking
So, after a year in Avon Park,Fl.the Glovers
Loaded up again and in 1937 headed for the big
city of St.Petersburg,Fl. Oh. for a place to settle down, The Glovers moved
to 4110 11 Ave So. in St.petersburg,Fl. and gave
birth to "Flora Mae Glover" on Jan.7,1938.

Pack those bags again, in 1939, the Glovers
moved to 711 41 Ave So. in St.Petersburg,fl.
Then onward to 845 50 Ave. No. in 1940.still in St.petersburg,

The Glovers don't let any moss grow under foot,and
in 1941, The Glovers moved to 2000 Shore Acres Blvd.
Finally a place to settle down and call home.
George and Helen Glover gave birth to thier tenth
child, "Robert Paul Glover" on Jul.18,1942.

George R. Glover,Sr, Father of ten children,
enlisted in the U.S.Army in 1942 and, because of
dependency of a large family, was discharged in
in 1943 and took employment in Ft.Wayne,Indiana.

With WW2 raging and Mary Helen Glover serving in
the Navy(WAVES) in Wash. D.C.and William Glover serving in the
Navy Air Squadron Eight in the Pacific and George
Glover,Sr. after discharge working in Ft.Wayne, Indiana,
The rest of the Glovers loaded up,Lock,Stock
and Barrel and moved from Florida back to Ft.Wayne,In.

The Glovers lived on Bueter Road,east of Ft.Wayne,In.
The War ended and Mary Glover and William Glover, now in
the U.S.Navy Reserves, returned to join the family.

Mary Glover was married in 1946 to Mr. Crum and moved with her husband to Pompton Plains,New Jersey. Iris Glover
married in 1949 to Mr. Koch and lived in Ft.Wayne,In.

"The Korean War"

George Glover Jr. enlisted in the Army on July 28,1949 and
served in Korea in the Signal Corp

George R.Glover Sr. passed away Dec.1,1949 at age 48.
A year later in 1950 the Glover family moved to 1616 E.Lewis St.
James Glover enlisted in the Navy in Aug.1950 and
served in Korea. William Glover,while in the Army
was married in 1952 to Lettie Julian from Texas

In 1954 Martha Glover married Mr.Schupbach.
George Glover Wed Patricia and Kathryn married
Jerry Nuzum and they all moved from the
Glover homestead to thier new homes in Ft.Wayne,In.
James Glover was killed in an accident in 1954 at the age 22

Time to move again, in 1956,Widow Helen Glover,age 54
sold the homestead,gave up housekeeping, packed up and moved in
with daughter,Mary Glover Crum in New Jersey.
One year later in 1957,widow Helen Glover was tired of the
cold winters and moved to Florida to live with son
William and Family in Treasure Island,Florida.

In 1958 Nancy Glover was Married to Mr. Carlton, and lived for 28 years in the Coast Guard before settling in her retirement home in Clearwater,Fl.
In 1964 Robert Glover married Nancy Lavo. And last but not least Flora Mae Glover has made a life of her own

So at age 58 years,Widow Helen Glover raised 10 children and is working and living the single life.

At age 63 Helen Glover remarried in 1965 to Arther Detwiler and moved to Mr. Detwilers Home at 4626 24 street No. St Petersburg, Florida where she and Auther lived happily for twenty five years, when Arther died in 1991. Helen Glover Detwiler sold her home and moved to live with her daughter(Nancy Glover Carlton) in Clearwater, Florida until her death in 1996 at the age of 94 years.

GOD bless my mother as she enjoys her eternity in heaven.Amen

Written by eldest son


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