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From the Recliner of

"William C.(Bill) Glover

110 NW 39 Ave 186-B

Oct 9,1998

Gerald O.Sheefel
10538 Leo Rd

Dear Curly & Helen,

Hello,Thanks for the letter and pictures. I really enjoyed them

Im sorry for the delay in getting this mailed to you. The time sure flies by when your unconscious HaHa just a little humor.

As I stated in my tele call,since mother passed on, I have been busy putting together a Genealogy Page on the Glovers and the Sheefels. as you will notice, I am missing much info on the Sheefels.

If you can send updated info on the childrens Marriages,births,dates etc. I will update the pages.

Your Nephew,
Bill Glover

Pictures enclosed
God Bless all of you.